Sunny Days
Why soften the punch of the sting of deathÖ
Or wrap up the world with religious breath?
Is there anything true a child can see
If kept from the world of reality?
Tooth fairies, Santa Claus, Easter and prayers,
What makes us think that the young arenít impaired?
Take away these in the true light of day,
Hunger and poverty on this Earth stay.
While wrapped in cocoons of silk threaded lies
What will we change, under cotton wool skies?
Break open the mould, blow cobwebs away,
Look into eyes of a thought-changing gaze.
Societyís binge and the benefit mire,
Bikini-line cringe and the alcohol pyre,
A day, in a week, in a year of no change,
Mere thoughts in our minds we donít rearrange.
Release the goodwill, interpret the word,
Dictate our own hearts, escape from the herd,
Speak truth to our young, teach passions of fire,
Invest in the conscience of human desire.
Itís good to be born, to be fed, be clothed,
To be well, to be loved, to be betrothed,
What is it more that we wait to have done
But bask in the warmth of morning light sun?
©Philip Holden

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