Join The Queue
The event of our birth,
The first gulp of air,
The milk bonding meal
Our mothers did share.
This body our life shell,
This heart beating pulse,
This mind that knows mercy,
This visionís not false.
These seasons are global,
There nature gems real,
These mountains and coastlines,
These sunrays we feel.
Those life-changing memories,
Those words that we say,
Those people we live for,
Those prayers that we pray.
We wake in the morní,
We sleep in the night,
We whisper in darkness,
We call in the light.
Life is a gift,
Life owes us nought,
Life is not tenured,
Life will run out.
Hope is for all,
Smiles are for free,
Hugs heal all pain
And teach equally.
©Philip Holden

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